Sunday, July 2, 2017

Vampires! Hiss! Swoon! By Ripley Proserpina

Because nothing says summer like a creature who turns to ash in sunlight, this has become my summer of vamps!

My newest reverse harem book will feature four vampires, and one girl who is allergic to the sun. (For those of you who've never heard of the genre, reverse harem is story about multiple guys focused on one girl).

Just for you, here's an excerpt.

From the corner of Briar's eye, something white fluttered to the ground and without thinking she bent and reached for her glove. Stupid. She chided herself. In her excitement, she’d only put on one glove and her hat. Without thinking, she extended her hand into the beam of sunlight where the glove had fallen. 
The pain was instantaneous and all-consuming. Her cry was louder than the din of voices, echoing and reverberating through the hall. 
“Are you okay?” Someone took her shoulders, and though well intentioned, they dragged her further into the sunlight, holding her when she would have jerked away. “I think she’s having a seizure.” 
“Let me go!” The skin on her hand swelled, and a searing sensation traveled from her wrist to her elbow. No! This wasn’t part of the plan. She couldn’t be injured, she was here to be normal—to study. Not to catch fire and smolder in front of the people she wanted to be her colleagues. 
“Let her go.” The voice was like a bucket of ice water. Shrugging out of his suit coat, Professor Nors draped the clothing over her arm and reached for her, tugging her out of the sunlight. 
Her arm felt like an exposed nerve, and her teeth chattered, a piece of her brain recognized the shock response that inevitably followed an injury. 
“Marcus!” the professor called. “You’ll be fine. I’m taking you to my lab. I can help you there. Marcus, hurry!” 
“Got her.” Briar’s knees buckled but someone caught her. It was the man from earlier, the one with sea green eyes and dark skin. 
The one with the beautiful smile. 
“Thank you,” he answered. 
Aw, shoot.  Said that out-loud.
“You did.” He cradled her in his arms while she cradled her injured arm. 
“Call the hospital,” she stuttered, forcing her lips to form the word. “It’s a burn. Not a seizure.”
“I’m aware of the nature of your injury.” The walls blurred, but Professor Nors’ face was perfectly clear. “What were you thinking? You can’t be exposed to the sunlight.” 

Her stomach roiled, and she squeezed her eyes shut. Please don’t let me yak on these guys, please. “I’m not hiding anymore,” she said. 

Stay tuned this summer for release information. 
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