Thursday, September 21, 2017

Autumn is Here!

It’s official as of tomorrow—autumn is here. While I love the heat of summer (we have long winters here in Canada), my favorite time of year is the fall.

Here are the top 5 reasons why:

1. You can officially start drinking hot chocolate without having to feel guilty about it. After all, it’s chilly out there.

2. The flannel sheets can go back on the bed. So cozy at night.

3. The leaves of the trees turn, making the forest into a blaze of glorious colors.

4. The holiday season is starting. First comes Thanksgiving (October in Canada), then Halloween and Christmas. It’s a festive time of year.

5. Time to break out my favorite vampire, werewolf, and paranormal movies. October is paranormal month on the DVD player for me.

It’s also a great time to read a paranormal book. If you’re looking for one, be sure to check out Wolf in her Soul, releasing on September 25th.

Wolf in her Soul
Salvation Pack, Book 8

Detective Reece Gallagher has spent the last decade working as a cop in Chicago so he can search for her—the red-haired woman who haunts his dreams. He’s just about ready to give up and go home to Salvation, North Carolina, when he finally finds her. But she’s the assault victim on a case he’s working on, and there’s a full-blooded werewolf who wants her dead. He needs to keep her safe and convince her she’s his mate.

Hannah Burdette has a secret she’s never told anyone. But there is someone who knows who—or rather, what—she is. There’s a stalker after her who plans to rid the world of her “impure” blood. When the cop she meets turns out to be a werewolf and claims she doesn’t have to be alone anymore, she’s wary. But where better to hide from a bloodthirsty hunter than in the middle of North Carolina with the security of a pack surrounding her?

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N.J. Walters is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who has always been a voracious reader, and now she spends her days writing novels of her own. Vampires, werewolves, dragons, time-travelers, seductive handymen, and next-door neighbors with smoldering good looks—all vie for her attention. It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to live it.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

What was I thinking

I'm always asked where my ideas come from, what I'm doing when I write, and do I have favorite books, or characters.  In the twelve years since I was first published I've written every kind of character from human vampire, ghost, shapeshifter, killer and so on. To pick one character is near to impossible for me. I do have specific parts of my books that are dear to me, that I had so much fun writing I feel a sense of loss when its over. And then there are the parts that make me laugh. Below is what was going on inside my mind while writing the scene between Dante and Jonah in Penetrating the Darkness.

I tend to write about some pretty dark stuff so I like to thread some comedy into the story to break things up. I’m a sarcastic person and I like to use that in my stories. When I wrote this scene, I decided that my characters, Jonah and Dante needed to have a discussion about the future. With the Darkness engulfing the city, everyone is starting to feel it. They miss the simple things in life like grass, flowers, life. Dante and Jonah were human before the Darkness fell and the vampires took over, so they’re still getting used to it. Jonah is a nerd, as Dante likes to refer to him. He’s brilliant and has created some fierce and helpful gadgets to help take out the vamps. In this scene, I showcase two of them.
Jonah and Dante couldn’t be more opposite. Dante is a Private Detective and used to seeing and dealing with some pretty tough stuff. Jonah is used to being behind a computer. I put these two together to learn from each other.

I like to write with music going. Dance music is usually the play list I choose because it pumps me up. I feel energized.  I usually don’t plot out how my story will go. I just let it flow. When I’m in the zone, I can write for hours. I remember this scene taking over. I don’t remember what song was playing, what was going on around me. I found myself in the dark, sitting on a car with two men who like to jab at each other and have fun while they wait for the vampires to find them. I was there, chuckling at their humor. It wasn’t just words I wrote, it was life taking place in front of me.

I hope when you read this you can picture yourself sitting on a car, in the darkness, waiting for the vampires to come and get you.

On a side note: All of the darkness covers were designed by me.

Penetrating the Darkness: Bk 6 in the Darkness series.

“What’s the first thing you’re going to do when the sun comes back?” Dante asked as he picked up a small rock and began tossing it in the air.
“Seriously. I hear getting scorched by the sun hurts like hell. I have no desire to have that happen any time soon,” Jonah responded. He hadn’t been a vampire before the sun was blocked out and truthfully, it kind of scared him to think of life with the sun shining.
“Me either. Still…it would be nice to see the sun shine again.”
“Yeah. Green grass—hell green anything would be nice. All this brown is boring the hell out of me.” Jonah realized that if any vamps came out of the warehouse, or Chaos, for that matter, the two of them didn’t stand a chance.
“I would love to give Gyspy a bouquet of flowers.”
Jonah pulled the net out of the trunk. “Yeah, Raven would love that too.”
“If things go back to normal after this is all over, what are you going to do? Still gonna work with computers?”
“I’ve been considering contacting the military about my inventions. I think I could be of use to them.”
“That would be perfect for you. You’re really getting good at making devices to help us nab the bad guys.”
“It keeps me busy. What about you? Are you going to go back to detective work?”
“I was thinking of going back to being a cop. Pays better than my investigation agency. You think we’re ever going to get Chaos?”
“I try to stay positive.”
Dante sat on the hood of the car.  “I do too. Still….”
“Yeah. Here.”
He handed Dante the electro net, wrapped in a thin plastic and the trigger box.
“What is this for?”
“Protection. You up for taking on a bunch of vamps? Just the two of us?”
“This thing better not zap me again.”
“As long as you don’t switch the trigger on before you release it, you’ll be fine.” Jonah pulled the Flash device he’d made a few days ago, and slipped it into his pocket. It was the size of a small flashlight, but it packed a hell of a punch. One flash of it and it rendered the person blind for several moments. Just enough time to take them out.
“You better pray to God that it doesn’t. Can I still do that now that I’m a vamp? Pray to God?”
“Hell if I know.” He took a seat beside Dante on the hood. “What do you think about Felicity being back, and being a child instead of a baby?”
“It's weird. It was one thing to know Trinity was preggers, but a kid is different than a baby. I didn’t know vamps could have kids.”
“Basil said that only pure vamps can do it. I wonder if the kid has powers like Basil and Trinity?”
“That kinda scares me. Basil and Trinity are adults and can make the right judgement calls. A kid doesn’t always know that. She could go off with her powers if she’s pissed or upset or anything for that matter.”
 “We have visitors.” Dante slid off the hood.
Jonah joined him and pulled out his light.
“How come I have to take the scary ass Electronet and you get a lame flashlight?”
“Just watch and learn young grasshopper.”
“Careful, my hand might slip on the trigger.” Dante aimed the Electronet  at Jonah.
“Don’t be a spoilsport.”
“I don’t know. It might feel satisfying to zap you for a change.”
Using the back of his hand, Jonah pushed the devise aside, aiming it forward. “You could, but, then you’d have no Electronet , and I’d be incapable of helping when those three vamps come at us ready for a fight.”
“Shit, you have a point.”
“That’s why I’m the smart one. Here, put these on.” Jonah handed Dante a pair of dark glasses that sat on the nose and covered the eyes.
“What the hell is this?”
“It's something to prevent you from going blind when I use my flashlight,” he added sarcastically.
“Don’t be a bitch.” With his finger on the trigger, Dante readied himself for the fight. “There are four of them. No way we can take all four. The net only holds two.”
“I said, watch and learn—”
“You say young grasshopper and I will walk to the car and get the hell out of here, leaving you to fight them off.”
“Pussy. Get the two on the right, I’ll get the other two.”
“Pussy. Who is carrying a lame flashlight.”
As the two marched toward Dante, he pressed the trigger and the net shot out like a bullet, covering the two vamps. They dropped to the ground, flopping about like fish out of water. Jonah never tired of seeing that. He flicked the switch to give it a charge, then pressed the button. Light shot out brighter than a flash of lightning, blinding the two vamps. They stumbled back, then dropped to the ground, wailing like babies that they were blind.
“Damn, dog. That is one kick ass flashlight.” He took the glasses off and set them on the hood.
“Did you just call me dog.” Jonah set his beside Dante’s.
“Sorry. Saw it on TV. I guess it stuck with me. I’ll deal with the whining babies.” Dante handed Jonah the Electronet  remote, then grabbed his blade from the car and stabbed them both in the heart. “Want me to take care of them too?”
“I’ve got it.” He took Dante’s knife and killed one vamp. “This one we take back to Basil and he can torture some answers out of him.”
“Good idea, dog.” Dante laughed as he headed to the remaining vamp. “I couldn’t resist. Is this turned off?” He pointed at the net.
“I don’t know. Why don’t you touch it and find out?”
“You’d like that. It's all yours.”
He so enjoyed his banter with Dante. He pressed the button and the wire attached to the net sucked back into the compartment, neatly bringing the net with it and sealing it in the remote. It was a pretty damn good device if he may say so himself.
Dante lifted the vamp and slung him over his shoulder. “Trunk.”
Jonah nodded. “Let’s hope the guy talks.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Elizabeth Safleur Brings Kinky to Washington, D.C.

I have been a fan of Elizabeth Safleur for a number of years. I have read every one of Her Elite Doms of Washington books, and I can testify that this series is fabulous. Her Doms are deliciously Alpha, her subs are luscious women who can hold their own. In the captivating backdrop of Washington, D.C., Elizabeth’s books are delightfully kinky reads with an element of such sensuality, they’ll make you squirm—in all the right ways.

Love this cover!

In her new Justice Series, Elizabeth reverses the gender on the D/s. In her first book, The White House Gets a Spanking, which released yesterday, her male lead is still Alpha, but he’s also a sub. Laird Harkness is the communications director for the White House. Challenging his authority is Stella Harkness, a reporter in the press corps and a Domme in the dungeon. When the sexy Domme spies the pugnacious sub under the hypnotic control of her friend Hannah, she yearns for her turn at securing his submission.

Elizabeth is a deft writer, crafting scintillating scenes of subjugation and surrender. Her BDSM scenes are exciting and hot hot hot, but she also gets you inside the head of her characters so that their desires become yours, and you root for the success of the D/s relationships between Stella and Laird. The halls of a White House somewhat like the one we have today provides the fascinating stage on which the relationship plays out. 

Elizabeth’s Dommes are enticing and provocative, seducing their subs into giving up control because they can’t resist. Reading Elizabeth’s book makes you understand why an alpha male like Laird would capitulate to the magnetic allure of a Domme like Stella. I can’t wait for the rest of the books in the series.






I discovered romantic comedy as a newly single mother on the verge of a breakdown. I was suddenly alone, with a one-year-old, babbling baby talk all day. I don't remember how I came upon the author Jennifer Crusie, but as soon as I did, I was hooked. I read every single one of her books and fell in love with her as an author. She brought laughter back into my life and sparked an interest in me to try my hand at writing romantic comedy. I couldn't handle writing anything dark or intense. No, that was my real life at the time; I wanted to immerse myself in levity and laughter.

Behold my first published book!

(Even though I've since published 2 more, this one's my baby.)

Forty-one-year-old Nicole Woods was content raising her son alone, working as an ad exec, and indulging in the more than occasional cleaning frenzy…until the night she met Wil Blanco.
Her friends have decided that while her son is away for six weeks, it’s the perfect opportunity for Nicole to have a summer fling. Heading the top of the list is Wil — sexy, successful, full of life…and twenty-five! Regretfully, Nicole declares him “hands-off,” but soon he’s complicating everything, from her job at the advertising agency to her self-imposed ban on relationships.
When Wil becomes her top client, she has even more reason to adhere to her “hands-off” policy. So why is Nicole finding it so hard to keep her hands off him?

This novel was based on the fact that as soon as I turned 40, all these 20-somethings came crawling out of the woodwork to ask me out. I had never heard the term cougar before nor did I realize there were so many young cubs out there who consider older women to be the Holy Grail of sex. Our confidence and independence, intimidating perhaps to men our age, served as aphrodisiacs for younger men. Who knew?! So, I took this idea and ran with it and out popped this book.

One Amazon reviewer wrote:

"Humor, sex, romance and friendship. June book club selection and everyone loved it--a rare feat for any group--but especially ours. Totally invested in the relationships by the end."

Happy September!

Tiffany N. York lives in SoCal with her spirited son, diva Chihuahua, an ever-changing number of cats, one screeching parakeet, and now the latest addition, a bunny who is not at all in control of her bodily fluids, especially while being held. Visit her website at 

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The Warriors of Sidereal Command by Clare-Two Books and A Powerful Yet Forbidden Love- #ScifiRomance #MF


Caitlin Driskoll awakens nearly a century later to find everything changed around her. Forced to be a cryo soldier, her once promising life hangs in the balance in the midst of an interstellar war.

Lt. Colonel Medoro Keegan, is the one charged with keeping his crew safe but finds that his feelings for Caitlin are doing more harm than good.

Together they must fight for their planet in order to have a chance at love. Because for The Warriors of Sidereal Command, the only heat they feel is when two bodies share one bed.


Cold Warriors (Book 1)

Left in cryogenic stasis for nearly a century, Caitlin Driskoll is awakened and drafted into a war she knows nothing about. Expected to defend a world where her kind is despised and expendable, she discovers love and respect from the one man who can’t be associated with her.

Lieutenant Colonel Medoro Keegan has spent a lifetime in the Marines. With no family to speak of, the Corps and his ship, the USS Blanchard, are all the loved ones he needs…until Caitlin sparks a fire within, that threatens to consume him if he doesn’t walk away.

Will he choose a life of certainty in the only world he knows or give it all to Caitlin and run the risk of losing someone, yet again?


He didn’t know what to say. His first clash with her had distracted him to the point of madness. It had been some time since he’d had such a powerful encounter with a woman. The last one to push his buttons that hard, he wound up marrying.

Caitlin was stubborn, mouthy, somewhat insubordinate, and filled with an innate force he had not seen in sometime. She had no problem in standing up for who or what she believed in. He didn’t like the feelings she stirred in him. He dare not consider them. Especially with her. She was a subordinate and a cryo. It was against regulations for him to even think of starting anything with her.

He shifted his stance. His heart pounded in his ears and breaths quickened. “Ms. Driskoll. I don’t know what you expect from me.”

“Nothing more than I expect from myself.”

Before he knew it, he crossed the distance between them and swept her into a searing kiss. He caressed her body, touching every curve. Arousal sped through his body like lightening. He dug his fingers in her hair and hungrily dominated her mouth, his tongue delving in, playing with hers. Gripping her waist, he lifted her up and placed on her the table. She arched her neck exposing her creamy skin. He nipped and bit at it enjoying its smoothness. He reached up and caressed her breasts, a need filling him to see them, taste them.

He was ready to slip off into oblivion when he remembered himself. It was the middle of the day; they were in a briefing room and would be caught. Breaking off the kiss, he raised his hands in surrender.

“Jesus,” he said in between breaths.

“What?” she panted, as she straightened her uniform.

“Please leave. Just go.” He closed his eyes, wrestling his feelings into submission. Holding them down, he shuddered. Dear God, help me. He needed her so badly. His breathing slowed to a normal rate. When he opened his eyes, she was gone.

“Sir, you’re needed on the bridge,” the voice on the com said.

“Be right there,” he replied, grateful for the distraction.


Ice and Peace (Book 2)


A New Threat? After a long and vicious war, peace is on the horizon for Earth and its allies. However, a series of mysterious attacks on several secret military installations causes hostilities to rise once again.

Redemption. Having left under a cloud of disgrace, retired Marine Colonel Medoro Keegan is called back to duty.

Bound. His wife Caitlin, the only surviving member of her team, chooses to embrace life, albeit grudgingly, as a cryo soldier. Seen as sub-human, she is forced to serve a planet that denies her rights as a person.

Driven. Guided by their sense of duty and belief that some things are bigger than them, they are determined to risk it all.

Hope. The cost of war is high. Can their love and marriage survive? Or will it be killed off by the very same mission that brought them together?


Caitlin was a sight for sore eyes. She was beautiful. Her petite frame was perfectly accented by the curves of her figure. And her brown eyes and coffee-brown skin was smooth, creamy.

Standing at attention, she did not meet his gaze. Though it was customary not to do as a sign of military courtesy, he could tell she was not doing it for that reason. Her gaze was different. Circling her, he tried to see if he could catch her watching him out of the corner of her eye. In fact, she appeared to be staring blankly ahead.

Peering directly at her, he spoke in a soft tone. “At ease.”

She relaxed.

“Cate. Can you hear me?”

“Yes, sir,” she responded mechanically.

Pain pierced his insides. She was definitely not there. Keegan placed his hands on his hips and hung his head in defeat. The one thing that was supposed to go right did not. For whatever reason, they had placed her in a deeper state of mental control than she’d ever been in. He controlled the hostile emotions brewing with him. Touching her face gently, he felt her icy skin.

This is unacceptable! Not here. I will not let this happen here. Not under my command.

“Chief, listen up,” he said in an authoritative tone. He knew in this state, it was the only way he could speak to her and still have her respond.

“Yes, sir.” Her gaze became even more distant.

Her response fueled his anger. “You are going to hightail it down to the doc and receive a full examination. Tell him it is based on my orders. He will know what to do. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

Knowing that she was under the influence of cryo neurotransmitters, Keegan figured the only way to combat it was to get someone to reverse it. They usually wore off once she was away from the stimulus triggers for a long period of time. But considering her stimulus triggers were high-ranking officers in uniform and combat situations, being around here meant she was going to be in a drone zone for a very long time. The last thing he needed was a zombie on board, especially one in charge of the lives others.

Only the jerks in psyche warfare thought doing this to someone would be a good idea. As long as he was running the ship, none of that would be allowed. There weren’t going to be any super zombies soldiers on board his ship. And he’d rollover in his grave before he let them do it to his wife.

“After you come back from the doc, you will report to me, understood?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Are there any questions?”

“No, sir.”


She did an about face before leaving the room. Keegan clasped his hands behind his back. In the blink of an eye, his joy had turned to sorrow. Now faced with the responsibility of looking after his wife, he wondered how could he handle the burden of command and still protect the woman he loved.


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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Fall by Jennifer Kacey


Hope everyone is outside right now getting to enjoy it!

Decadently Yours,
Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her miniman in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Little Bit of Geek and a Whole Lot of Sexy....

Good morning. How's everyone been? Can you believe summer is almost over. Ack! Where does the time go?

Things have been a bit crazy in the cave lately. I've been revamping, moving stuff around and getting organized for the next few months in the writing cave. It's taken me a while to get over my mother's sudden passing, but I think I'm finally ready to keep forging onward.

My mom was one of the most kickass women I'd ever met. She took on being a single parent with gusto back when things like that simply weren't done, especially where we lived. Divorce was tantamount to sin back then. But Mom didn't care. She'd done right by her kids, and that's all that mattered.

When I sat down at the keyboard and decided it was time to write again I knew the series I did had to honor that tough resilience she'd raised us with. The thick skin and backbone I inherited from her (thank goodness, cause wow--publishing is ROUGH). Covert operations style romances with sexy badasses have always been a favorite of mine, one I'd been determined to do a series for. But, like most writers, I wanted my own personal spin on it.

Mary "The Edge" Reynolds and her vagabond team of brainiac BFFs sauntered into my brain and nested immediately. They were brilliant, proudly geek, and more than ready to take on all the brawn my Arsenal world offered. They didn't need a sexy, muscled man to save them, but they didn't mind having one by their side kicking ass along with them.

So, welcome to the Arsenal. Where the women are smart, sexy and a little on the awkward side when it comes to handling the former military badasses that've somehow become an instrumental part of their lives.

Together they've got some touch challenges ahead of them, but I suspect they won't have any problems. I can't help but think Mom would love Mary and all her friends. She'd probably be right there along with them.

We've all had those beautiful, brilliant influences in our lives. Who was yours?

Jagged Edge releases October 17th and is the first book in The Arsenal series. Pre-order your copy now.