Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Writing isn't easy

So sorry for the delay in this post. Life has been so crazy for me lately I forget what day it is.
Don't get me started. Anywho, here is my post. Hope you enjoy it!

“Thank you for sending your manuscript, however I regret to inform you that your novel does not fit our needs at this time”
This is every author’s nightmare.  It certainly was mine. For years I wrote, pouring my heart out in each and every story, creating likeable characters only to hear it was rejected. Talk about feeling upset. One rejection letter was bad enough, the tenth was devastating. What was I doing wrong?
Apparently, everything.
I couldn’t understand why my stories weren’t being accepted. I had a strong beginning, an interesting conflict, a couple who meet and fall in love and a zinger ending. What more do these publishing companies want? I was soon to find out that there was a lot more to writing than creating a likeable story.  They wanted good grammar.  I’ve got a grade nine education, learned the basics in school, but apparently it was only the beginning.  I was ready to toss it in, give up on a dream of being an author when my loving hubby convinced me to give it one more try.
Reluctantly and half-heartedly I obliged him and did some research on-line to help me make my story better. Little did I know that what I was about to do would make my dream come true. Searching the internet I came across an epublishing company holding a contest. I had no idea what an ebook was. But hey, why not give it a shot. I took one of my many stories, wrote up a synopsis (not an easy job, trust me) and emailed it to the company. Two weeks later I received an email stating that my story had not won the contest but that I had come in second place. Boy did that perk me up.  As I continued to read the long email from the co-owner and senior editor my hopes began to rise. She loved my story, but given that it was a romance contest, they could not accept it because it did not have a happy ending. A must in romance. And finally, at the end of the letter she told me that she loved the story and encouraged me to fix it up and resubmit. Then she went on to say if I had other stories to please submit them as well. WOW! Someone actually liked my story and wanted to accept it. I was over the moon!
I spent the next two weeks polishing my stories. Feeling confident in myself and my work, I submitted two other stories, both romance.  To my surprise and utter joy she responded stating that one of the stories fit their needs perfectly. It was the next line that completely blew me away. “Congratulations for choosing our publishing house for your book. Attached is a contract and information about the publishing process.”  I stared at those few words, mesmerized and yes, a little in shock. Was she seriously contracting my work? The next thing I did was begin to scream. My husband and kids thought I had lost my mind. Until I told them why.
There is no greater feeling than having your dream come true.
Still, it would be a long process before the book would actually be published. In another email this wonderfully supportive senior editor explained to me what needed to be fixed in my story. She had a long list, which felt overwhelming at first, of things I needed to correct.
 “You need to be careful with your POV.”
I was baffled as to what she meant. So back to the internet I went and did a search for POV. Point of View. Ah, now I get it. Now what? I had no idea that I couldn’t have each character have their own internal thoughts. What was wrong with that? Simple. The reader can’t develop a connection to the lead characters if others point of views are mixed into the story. So there I was, going through the entire manuscript for POV errors. Its amazing what you find when you are deliberately looking for one specific error. I had the Heroine’s thoughts, mix in with the hero as well as the protagonist and other characters. Now I had to decide who should be the primary voice in my story. Not an easy decision. So I mixed the hero and the heroine and gave them each their own voice. The key was to keep them separate.

This was written nearly eight years ago and boy have I come far. Since this was written I have published nineteen books, some aren’t published any longer. Its been a hell of a ride. I’ve had some great editors in my career, and they’ve helped me fine tune my books. Without them, I would be lost.  I by no means am a perfect writer with no mistakes. But sometimes its hard to see those until the editor takes a run at it.  Thanks to those editors I’ve had plenty of success.
What is the moral of this story. Simple. Learn everything you can about writing and the industry. Fine tune your stories. Aside from spelling and grammar errors, check for POV, plot, time, season, location, if your character is drinking on one scene but no longer has the drink in the next. All of these suggestions can go a long way to making your story better.

So, happy writing everyone!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Re-release of Claiming Ruby (and a GIVEAWAY!)

I can't tell you how excited I am to be re-releasing Claiming Ruby, the first book in the Mission Pleasure series. It's available to purchase now!

I wrote this story in 2013 and released it with Ellora's Cave. I never got to finish the series due to problems with Ellora's Cave, but now I'm very happy to say I can bring you the Mission Pleasure series in its entirety with a completely new final story, Enslaving Dana!

But back to Claiming Ruby...


First book in the sizzling Mission Pleasure series…
Ruby has a secret. Beneath her prissy exterior lies a submissive in desperate need of a Master. After her past disastrous attempt at exploring her fantasies, she buried her cravings deep and told herself she’d be fine without giving in to them. Then she meets Joshua. He’s everything she’s ever fantasized about—and everything she’s feared.

Joshua didn’t start out wealthy—he’s an ex-marine who made his fortune after seeing his fair share of war. His wealth and lavish lifestyle are nothing next to his driving need to claim Ruby for his own. He’d give up everything to collar her for a lifetime, and he’ll have to use every sinful dominant trick he knows to make her let him in.

Inside Scoop: This book features a hero who knows what his submissive needs, whether it’s being tied up or being taken in public with the assistance of two other hot marines. Please note this book was previously published by Ellora's Cave.

(Yes, this is Michael Fassbender *shivers* He was my visual inspiration for Joshua Quinn!)

You can buy Claiming Ruby from and

It is also available on 

To celebrate, I'm giving away the following prizes:

1st prize - $5 Amazon giftcard + PDF copy of Claiming Ruby
2nd & 3rd prizes - PDF copy of Claiming Ruby

Just leave a comment below on who you'd choose as your book boyfriend and why (don't forget to leave a contact email in your post).


Winners will be contact on Saturday 29th July.

Good luck!


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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Catering to His Desires by Rose C Carole

Hi All,

Hope you are having a good summer. Mine is going well—and busy. Next week I will be in Charlotte for A Dark and Seductive Affair with an impressive lineup of erotic romance authors. And in August I will be in New York City at the BDSM Writers Con. This is my fifth year with this exciting conference.It is dedicated to writers and readers of Dominance and submission, and is the only conference in the world to offer writers and readers the ability to discover the complexities of Dominance and submission through workshops, live demos, and fascinating hands-on experiences while you interact with your favorite–and soon-to-be favorite–BDSM authors. Lynda Aicher, author of the Wicked Play and Power Play series and a Golden Flogger Award winner, is the keynote speaker. I can’t wait to meet her. Tickets are still available and if you are interested in joining me there. The link to the conference is  

As I mentioned in my last blog, I write BDSM romance and I have two books out in my Kitchen Confessions series. The first book is Catering to His Needs, which I talked about last time. The second is Catering to His Desires. 

Knotty Girl Reviews said, “I enjoyed the writing in this book as Ms Carole weaves an excellent tale. I’ll definitely be following the series, and I’m looking forward to the other ladies stories.”

Mya has finally escaped the slums she grew up in and made a life for herself as a chef in the Catered Affairs kitchen, but she has never been able to shed the feelings of inadequacy that were beaten into her by her abusive father. So she stays in the shadows, the quintessential voyeur at the Playground, the BDSM club she belongs to.

Jake is attracted to Mya’s beauty when he spies her across the dungeon at the Playground. But he’s only looking for a play partner for the evening. Ever since he lost his wife in a car crash, he hasn’t been able to commit to anyone again.

After a disastrous evening at the club, where Jake pushes Mya out of her comfort zone, it looks like Mya and Jake will not even be friends. But dangerous circumstances push them back together, and Mya must rely on Jake to keep her safe. When a stupid mistake puts her in terrible jeopardy, will Jake be able to come to her rescue in time?

Totally Bound
Barnes and Noble

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Submissive Muse

Well, I was all set to tell you how excited I was to announce the release of my BDSM erotic romance, The Submissive Muse, which should have been out yesterday. However, Amazon is treating me like a side chick and not giving me the attention I deserve. Seems Amazon has a bunch of other side chicks, too, much to my dismay, and can't squeeze us all in at the same time.

So, I wait...and wait...hoping Amazon will call or text. Or make my book go live just to show me that the love is still there.

I leave you with my sexy, evocative cover.

One man’s misfortune is another man’s destiny.

Elizabeth Wolfe’s husband, John, had been everything to her—protector, provider, administer of pain. Still devastated, one year after his death, she decides to take her own life, but her plan is interrupted when she discovers an unconscious stranger in her barn.

Devan Carthy and John Wolfe agreed to an arrangement before he diedDevan is to seek out Elizabeth, exactly one year from his death, and bring joy to her life again, in exchange for a sizeable sum of money.

What begins as a friendship between a grieving widow and a mercurial artist blossoms into love as Devan reawakens her desire for living. His erratic mood swings and her need for pleasure and pain threaten their relationship, but it’s John Wolfe’s hold over them that may ultimately tear them apart.

Publisher's Disclaimer: This dramatic love story contains graphic sexual scenes, as well as discipline. If either of these offend you, please do not buy the book.

And an excerpt to whet your appetite:
She turned her back to him and began soaping up one of the wine glasses. He reached around and grabbed it from her hands, then threw it against the wall. It shattered into pieces.
She turned off the running water and faced him. "I'm going to start billing you for broken wine glasses. You broke another one the other night."
It was true, he had. After she pulled away from their kiss, he had smashed his glass against the wall. He had also overturned John's "sacred, off-limits" armchair in anger.
"Everything you do is my business. That was the deal." He stood a hair's length away, so close her perfume tickled his nose.
"We have no deal. What are you talking about?"
Shut up, Devan.
He blew out a long, slow breath in an attempt to calm himself.
"Because you take care of my horses, you think you also have a responsibility to take care of me?" Her voice quivered with emotion.
Yes, he did, but he couldn't tell her why."I can tell you when you're making a fool of yourself with a kid almost half your age."
"Screw you." She made a motion to leave, but he trapped her there with both his arms at her sides. "Let me go, Devan."
He wanted her so bad he could no longer fight it. If she didn't want him, he'd have to leave here for good, because the torture of denial was making him lose his mind.
"Tell me you want the college boy and I'll let you go."
She turned her face away from him. "No."
Devan grabbed ahold of her chin and twisted it around to face him. "Look me in the eyes and tell me you want him, and not me."Her eyes flashed with frustration while she stubbornly pressed her lips together. She attempted to flee again, but he held her by the shoulders. Her angry breaths flooded his face as she squirmed to get away. "Why are you fighting it? Isn't it obvious you want me as much as I want you?"

* * *

Hope you're having a hot, juicy summer so far! 

Tiffany N. York lives in Southern California with her spirited son, diva Chihuahua, an ever-changing number of cats, and one tone-deaf parakeet. She writes fiction to escape reality. Her two romantic comedies, The Accidental Cougar, and The Meatball Mistress are available on Amazon. Her erotic romance, The Submissive Muse will be on Amazon any second now. Visit her at